Extracting Vanilla Tekken 5 Assets for modding

This tutorial will show you how to extract assets from Tekken 5 and convert them to use for modding purpose.

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By wiibu
Submitted at April 24, 2022
Extracting Vanilla Tekken 5 Assets for modding
Extracting Vanilla Tekken 5 Assets for modding

    Introduction & Credit

    This tutorial will show you how to extract Tekken 5 assets with a PythonPython script called csplitbcsplitb and convert it with NoesisNoesis. Thanks to Phantom D.ZPhantom D.Z for information. Without him, this wouldn't be possible.


    • This tutorial will NOT provide you a ROM source, you have to find it yourself.

    • We will use Tekken 5.1 (Vanilla, Arcade Version) for assets.

    • (Referring to Phantom D.Z's description) The Retail PS2 version has the normal stages and characters obfuscated. You can only extract "The Devil Within" data since those are the only ones aren't encrypted.



    How to install Python PROPERLY

    This step will prevent users from the following problem when trying to use Python for the first time

    "Python was not found; run without arguments to install from the Microsoft Store, or disable this shortcut from Settings"

    To prevent this, check on the box says "Add Python 3.10 to PATH". This will make your life easier.

    Installing csplitb and setting it up

    Open Command Prompt (CMD) and type the following command to install csplitb:

    pip install csplitbpip install csplitb

    After that, navigate to C:\Users(YOURUSERNAME)\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python310\Scripts Move csplitb to the folder with Python executable (this will also make your life easier) Congrats, you've successfully installed csplitb

    Getting MAME's chdman

    Run MAME installerMAME installer and choose any path you want We only want chdman.exechdman.exe so feel free to delete other files.

    Uncompressing Tekken 5.1's CHD

    Move your Tekken 5.1 to the same folder to where chdman is located Your folder should look like this:

    Open Command Prompt (CMD) and navigate to where you extracted chdman with the following command:

    If you extracted in C: Drive, type cd (path) Example: cd C:\Program Files\chdmanFolder

    If you extracted in other drives, type *cd /d (path) This will take CMD to the root level of the drive and changes its directory to the desired path

    Then type the following command to uncompress the file:

    chdman.exe extracthd -i xxxxxx.chd -o xxxxxx.img (Replace "xxxxxx" with the ROM file name)

    Waiting for it to finish the job then you should get Tekken 5.1 uncompressed img file.

    Extract .img file with 7-Zip, you should have some extracted .BIN files like this Delete other files except the folder called "BIN", those are the needed data we need. Inside BIN folders, it contains all the BIN files with same size, we only need one of them as they contain the same data so feel free to delete other files once again.

    Extracting data from .BIN files

    Tekken 5 has the following headers which can be found with HxD as follows: - 4E554450 : NUDP (Model Container) - 54494D32 : TIM2 (Texture) - 4D4946 : MIF (Bone Data) Preferred extracted extension (to be used with Noesis): - NUDP: .nud - TIM2: .tm2 - MIF: ?(unknown)

    We will use csplitb to extract those data. First, create the output folder. This is required for csplitb to work correctly.

    Open PowerShell in Python folder with Shift + Right Click

    Enter the following command below to extract the desired data: .\python csplitb -f (YourOutput) -s (Extension) -n 1 (Header) (YourBINFiles) Example For models: .\python csplitb -f F:\Arcade\Models\OUT\ -s .nud -n 1 4E554450 F:\Arcade\tekken51_te51-dvd0\BIN\TK5AC1.BIN For textures: .\python csplitb -f F:\Arcade\Textures\OUT\ -s .tm2 -n 1 54494D32 F:\Arcade\tekken51_te51-dvd0\BIN\TK5AC1.BIN

    After it's done, you can convert the assets with NoesisNoesis into any format you want, and use those assets anywhere you want!


    • All of the meshes doesn't have any texture assigned, you have to assign them manually.
    • Character Meshes doesn't contain any armature, good luck rigging.
    • A few files aren't the actual data as it will crash your Noesis

    • To verify : TIMs : See if it has any strings to GIDX NUD(NUDP) : They should have strings of the object names at the end of the file

    Happy Modding!