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Thank you for your interest in supporting TekkenMods! Aside from just hosting mods, TekkenMods aims to provide the best modding tools & resources for TEKKEN games.

By supporting us you help to keep the website up and running.

You will receive various of benefits if you support us like an Ad-free experience, exclusive profile themes and more. Refer to our page on Patreon/Ko-fi for more info about our tiers and their benefits.

Account benefits are applied automatically to your account if you pledge via Patreon and link your Patreon account.

You need to provide the email you use in TekkenMods if you plan to pledge via PayPal or Ko-fi so that benefits can be applied to your account.

$5 per month
Ad-free experience
Supporter Title
Exclusive Profile Themes
Best Value
Supporter Prime
$10 per month
Ad-free experience
Supporter Prime Title
Exclusive Profile Themes
File Upload Increase
Supporter Omega
$30 per month
Ad-free experience
Supporter Omega Title
Exclusive Profile Themes
File Upload Increase
Faster Download Speeds

Frequently Asked Questions

$5 Tier: Unlocks access to character mods, exclusive profile themes and provides an ad-free experience.
$10 Tier: Includes all benefits of the $5 tier and also grants access to stage mods and a file upload increase.
$30 Tier: Includes all benefits from the previous tiers and offers faster download speeds.

Benefits can take up to an hour to be applied. If you subscribed via Patreon, ensure that your account is linked to your Patreon account. If you subscribed via Ko-Fi, make sure you provided the email associated with your account. If you subscribed and still face issues, please send the administrator a message.

Members who are no longer subscribed won't be able to re-download mods they accessed during their membership period. To regain access to mods you've previously downloaded, you'll need to subscribe again. Remember to back up any exclusive mods you downloaded during your membership period.

Refunds cannot be issued once you have applied an exclusive theme on your profile or downloaded an exclusive mod.

Yes, you can upgrade your membership by using the relevant platforms, either Ko-Fi or Patreon. However, upgrading via one-time donations on Ko-Fi (e.g., donating $5 and then another $5 during the month) is not possible. To upgrade, ensure you are subscribed first and then select the higher tier.

We do not accept cryptocurrency as a payment method. We currently offer Ko-Fi and Patreon as our primary payment options.

If you are from a country where you are unable to donate via Ko-Fi or Patreon, please send the administrator a message.