Decrypt & Encrypt Files

By a5tronomy

Posted February 27th, 2021


1 min read

This tutorial will teach you how to decrypt and encrypt TEKKEN 7s files manually.

Required files

Download the .rar here: Tekken _7 _Decryption _Encryption.rar


For this tutorial, I'm going to decrypt and encrypt Geeses 1p upper mesh ('SK _CH _mry _bdu _1p.uasset').


Drag and drop the encrypted .uasset into 'Decrypt.bat' to start the decryption process. Note that this will replace the original file.


Once you're ready to encrypt the file again, drag and drop the decrypted .uasset into 'Encrypt.bat'. This process will replace the original file as before.


  • Gneiss for discovering the encryption key
  • Luigi Auriemma for creating QuickBMS

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