Unreal Engine 4

Updating the Custom UE4 Engine

By DennisStanistan

Posted May 1st, 2021


1 min read

This guide will go through updating the custom Unreal Engine 4 build used for modding Tekken 7.

The process was documented by CDDTReborn.


NOTE: If you’re worried something might get messed up, make a backup of your current TekkenGame folder.


Go to https://github.com/Modding-Zaibatsu/TekkenGame to download the updated TekkenGame Project. Click on the “Code” button and download the zip.

Once downloaded, unzip the file, place the contents in the TekkenGame-Bin-0 folder of your original custom UE folder. Mine looks like this “D:\UE4_v2\TekkenGame-Bin-1-05\TekkenGame-Bin-1-0”

Right-Click on the TekkenGame.uproject and select “Generate Visual Studio project files”. Once completed you’ll see the “TekkenGame.sln” file that is not included in the zip package.

Right-Click on the “TekkenGame.sln” file and open with VirtualStudio 2015. In my case I have multiple versions and chose the “Microsoft Visual Studio Version Selector”.

One VS 2015 is open on the right-hand side you’ll see a box called “Solution Explorer”. You’ll see an option to click “Build” at the top. It does not say it in the screenshot below because I’ve already done it.

Once it’s done building open up your TekkenGame project just like you would normally.