File type and hierarchy

By stoner037

Posted August 23rd, 2021


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A guide on File type and hierarchy for Tekken7 modding (for beginners). Created with help from the Modding Zaibatsu discord server.

File type and hierarchy (most common files for swapping), and what do they do:

  • CCI: Calls the CI files and contains MI data (making an item colorable or not). CCIs can affect material properties like metalness.

  • CI: Calls the SK files. CIs determine in which item category a mesh belongs, e.g. upper or lower.

  • SK: Contains a Mesh and Calls the MI files.

  • MI: Contains Material data and Calls the T files

  • T: Contains Textures -> defuse, mask, normal (there are other textures too like ambient occlusion and specular). .... ... .. .

Other files:

  • SKT: SKT stands for skeleton which gets referenced by skeleton meshes, this file can be found inside SK files.

Important note: Jack7, alisa, kazuya use different SKT, everyone else uses the same SKT.

  • PA: Physics, this file can be found inside SK files.

  • M: Master shader.

Important note: for the purpose of modding it's wise to avoid messing with the M's or their specific textures directly.

  • SM: Static mesh.

  • ACI: Aura item.

  • BP: Blue print.

  • CS: Character set. .... ... .. .

File type and hierarchy in compareIt.

.... ... .. .

Another Image to help you understand the files structure.