TekkenMods Guidelines

The Guidelines are designed in a way to protect the community and maintain the quality of content hosted on the Site.

User Content

All submitted user content must conform to the following:
  • Files uploaded to the Site such as but not limited to: Images, videos and compressed files must be intended for public access. You may not use the Site for your own personal storage and you may not use the Site to share files privately.
  • Submission of content that does not belong to you such as mods and guides without obtaining permission from the original author is prohibited unless stated otherwise by the original author. Exceptions may be made in some cases when the original author is no longer active, cannot be contacted and the origin of where the content is hosted can be considered as abandoned and/or the at risk of going off-line. Whether an exception can be made is at the discretion of Site's moderators.
  • In cases where the original author allows for redistribution of their content to other places than it's origin then appropriate credit must be given to the original author unless stated otherwise by the original author.
  • Content that negatively affects, tampers and/or gives unfair advantage during online play is strictly prohibited.


When you're submitting mods always make sure that:
  • The mod works with the latest version of the game unless the mod is classified and intended for older versions such as specific seasonal patches or arcade builds.
  • Let users know about potential issues that may arise from using the mod or file conflicts if there are any.
  • The mod contains the appropriate tags.


Guides go through a review process by our moderators before they are published. Guides may be edited by the moderators before they are published.

Adult Content

Adult content is content such as pornography or violence that is not appropriate for viewing by minors and/or not suitable for being viewed at work. By default, content that have been classified as adult content are blurred and not accessible to guests (Non-registered users). Registered users may hide/blur adult content in their user preferences. The acceptability and definition of adult content and may differ from country to country and therefore, we provide guidelines for adult content that users can follow.

We define adult content as content that:
  • Contains nudity
  • Contains extreme gore and/or violence.
  • Contains swearing/profanity.
  • Contains sexual acts.
  • Contains depictions of sex toys, fetishes or other items associated with sexual activity.
  • Is sexually suggestive and/or intended to cause sexual arousal.
Any files containing adult content must be appropriately tagged as 18+ (NSFW).

Inappropriate Content

We define inappropriate content as content that:
  • Is constructed as abusive, discriminatory, divisive, hateful, provocative and/or questionable, intended to inflict harm on a real-life individual or group.
  • Contains/promotes illegal activity and/or content including but not limited to: CSAM (Child Sexual Abusive Material), software piracy and copyright infringement.
  • Contains political ideology and/or political messages.
  • Contains obscene content.
Submitting inappropriate content as defined by our guidelines will result in the deletion of the submitted content, a permanent termination of the user's account and in cases where it's nessecary: notifying local law enforcement agencies.