tekken 7 Asuka as Cetrion

By sufian49

Uploaded July 14th, 2021



Asuka as Cetrion Mod Instructions : there are three costume : 1 = Cetrion as nature vengeance which replaces head = skull body = halterneck 2 = cetrion as nature nurturer which replaces head = hei mask body = santa bikni Note : there are two versions of nurturer one with crown and other without crown so use whatever you want 3 = cetrion as Summer Solstice
which replaces head = budha mask body = maid outfit NOTE = EVERY COSTUME HAVE SEPERATE PAK FILE NO COSTUME IS COLORABLE SO DONT TRY TO CHANGE COLOUR IT MIGHT CRASH GAME it is my first custom mesh mod so please let me know if there is any problem with this mod or anything I can improve in this mod

CREDITS : 1 = BIG THANKS TO CDDT REBORN WITHOUT HIM I CANT DO ANYTHING HE HELPED ME ALOT tekkenmods.com/user/13/cddt... 2 = model used by sticklove www.deviantart.com/sticklov... www.deviantart.com/sticklov... www.deviantart.com/sticklov...

Cetrion from Mortal Kombat 11 Property of Netherrealm Studios I do not own anything.


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July 14th, 2021