Heihachi Old Voice Mod Rearranger

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By JanuMshkillz

Uploaded August 17th, 2021

Updated August 17th, 2022



This script re-arranges Heihachi's old voice mod voiceclips to match his T6 counterpart. UPDATE: This voice mod now can be used with other characters to re-arrange their voiceclips. Source Code link to the Github page

  • Iron Hand (qcf+2), Kidney Smasher (SS+2,1), Jinchinsai (d+3), Heaven's Wrath (b+1+4/b+2+3), Jumping Powerbomb (2+4), Broken Toy (qcf+1+3), Thunder God Fist (CD+1) and few more having the correct shout "Suryah"

  • Ki-charge, Twin Hammer (b+1+2) and Diety Slayer (b,B+1+2) having correct shout "Hmph!"

  • Many other changes that you can find in the "instructions.txt"

How to install?

  1. Make sure you have this Heihachi old voice mod: https://tekkenmods.com/mod/953/heihachi-t4-5-6-voicemod

  2. Download this mod and extract contents of this zip file into any folder. Make sure the text files are in the same directory as the "Script.exe" file. (Do not mess around in the text file unless you know what you're doing)

  3. Run the script and the game.

  4. Whenever Heihachi's moveset loads into the memory, the script will automatically re-arrange the voiceclips. Just let the script run in the background.

If I missed any of the moves or some error occured, let me know and I'll try to fix it.


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August 17th, 2022 @ 11:51:25 AM


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