Lidia Sobieska

Lidia Sobieska (リディア・ソビエスカ Ridiya Sobiesuka) is a karateka and the Prime Minister of Poland within the Tekken series. She made her debut in Tekken 7 as DLC in the Season 4 Pass.

Toph Beifong (The Last Avatar) / Lidia
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Lidia Sobieska Redux. Retexture & Makeups.
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Lidia and Asuka Dougi set
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Tekken 7 - Lidia Softer Screams Voice Mod
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Wonder Woman outfit for more characters
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Prime Minister Alisa
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Workout Set for Lidia
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Lidia's Gi, Asuka Style - UPDATED 4/6/21
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Raven's Suit for Lidia [Updated]
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No Scar Panels + Portraits (Lidia)
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Tekken 7 Lidia voicemod - hitomi(japanese)
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