Preparing Models for Tekken7 mods

A short guide on rigging a non-Tekken7 model by renaming the vertex groups in Blender. This guide can apply to full-body meshes as well.

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Submitted at February 11, 2022
Preparing Models for Tekken7 mods
Preparing Models for Tekken7 mods


1- You NEED to set up Blender properly before following my guide Importing Custom Meshes to Tekken 7 using BlenderImporting Custom Meshes to Tekken 7 using Blender

2-The guide is for already rigged models.


  • Before and after editing your mesh in blender, select your custom mesh and hit Ctrl+A (Apply all transforms) so the scale and rotation don't get messed up when you mod it into the game.
  • If your using Blender, It's best to Follow Saiki tutorial on how to fix bone roll issue without 3ds max for rigginghow to fix bone roll issue without 3ds max for rigging
  • Be patient, this takes time.

For this guide, I will import Leo's Tag2 head to Tekken7.

1- Open 2 Blender projects, 1 has the T7 mesh and the other has a non-Tekken7 mesh.

Since I'm modding the head only, I just need Leo's T7 head.

2- Enter weight Paint mode, rename all Vertex groups according to the T7 mesh Vertex groups.

3- get the T7 head mesh needed, try to make the head size match.

4- Get an upper body mesh, turn on snapping to vertex and connect the neck to the body.

5- Select your mesh then the armature, hit Ctrl+p and select Armature deform. Go to pose mode and test.



Credits: -Results Images are by my cameraman

Extras: -Tekken7 armature script by LudenousTekken7 armature script by Ludenous. This script can be used for when you import a custom full body model, it makes the Tekken7 aramature easier to work with.

-Blender weight mix modifier, sometimes you'd want to merge vertex groups. Here's how:

-Delete unused vertex groups scriptDelete unused vertex groups script.

-Weight transfer methodWeight transfer method, Its a different from the method used in this guide.

-Clear pose, select all bones in pose mode and clear the pose like in the image below (or right click E):