Yoshimitsu - Heaven or Hell

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By Flake

Uploaded February 1st, 2021

Updated August 15th, 2021



Original DeviantArt description: "Originally I just wanted to edit a bit of an already existing mod but I then decided to try out some stuff, one thing left to another and here we are. The file inside will replace the following items:

Sci-Fi Shield : Angelic themed Set - (Comes with Preset Colors) Balloons : Hell themed Set - (Comes with Preset Colors) Chaps : Devil Jin's Fallen Set - (Can be recolored) Bamboo Shot : Sandogasa - Angel themed Set (Comes with Preset Colors) Bouquet : Sandogasa - Hell themed Set (Comes with Preset Colors)

"Why are you using presets of the hat in items instead of just using the one that's already available?" By using this method, I can select any single headpiece yoshi has like the Alien head, Knight Helmet, H0-1 Helmet and so on.

NOTE: There is a bit of a clipping issue with Devil Jin's Bottom and Yoshimitsu's Top default set. If you match both colors then it becomes less noticeable, if this however still annoys you, you can select any other top item like the Demon Warrior Top that have no clipping issues with the bottom. Also to get the hat to show up in the item slots some "mod magic" had to be done, so with this installed, lucky chloe's Cupid tail and Ribbon tail will also be replaced with the Sandogasa hat, one for each version. Lastly, Devil Jins Fallen outfit has some of the cloth missing at the front.

Many, many thanks to Subhanuman and MPL for helping me make this mod. I wouldn't have been able to do this without them Many, MANY thanks to CrossS95 for giving me a huge help coloring the Sandogasa hat while still keeping the original hat unchanged, he managed to make me go over the huge wall I was facing."


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February 1st, 2021 @ 06:08:18 AM


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