Lei-Lei (Hsien-Ko) Mod for Xiaoyu

By TheRessen

Uploaded October 12th, 2021



Lei-Lei (AKA Hsien-Ko) from Darkstalkers and (Ultimate) Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. Xiaoyu mod only!


Extract C_XIA_HSIEN_KO_FULL_P.pak (with equipped sleeves) or C_XIA_HSIEN_KO_LOOSE_SLEEVES_P.pak (with bare arms but optional loose sleeves as an additional item) to your ~mods folder. Choose only one of them. Optional art panel included (C_XIA_HSIEN_KO_PANEL_P.pak).

Customization Items:

Head: Roger Hat (both mod variations) or Panda Hat (loose sleeves variation only) Make-Up: Face Paint (Beijing Opera) Full Body: Gothic Lolita Outfit Character Panel: Shunya Yamashita panel (separate .pak file)

*this mod is colorable. Neco-Arc not included :)

TO DO: Character Presets ISSUES: there is some mesh clipping between dress cloth and trousers

DISCLAIMER: Do not redistribute this package. Exclusive public download only at tekkenmods.com or by direct link from the mod author (me, TheRessen AKA Ressen_XiaoPai). If download link is down, contact the mod author at twitter.com/RafaelRessen. This mod is free to download and use. If you have paid to access and/or download this mod, you've got scamed.

Model dump by wadamen. Lei-Lei (Hsien-Ko)/Darkstalkers (C) Capcom


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7.5 MB

Upload Date:

October 12th, 2021