UNFAHKED: The Fahkumram Improvement Pack.

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By Helix

Uploaded November 5th, 2021

Updated July 21st, 2022



Ever look at Fahkumram's Baki proportions and think- What the Fahk were they thinking?

This mod aims to improve his overall proportions whilst still maintaining his intentionally extreme V taper.

Imgur album with more screenshots: imgur.com/a/zTN7Wsm

(Old Versions Album): imgur.com/a/l7emafv

The changes include: - Thinning his upper torso. - Thickening his lower torso. - Enlarging his head. - Raising his pecs. - Shortening his neck. - Thinning his biceps. - Thinning his shoulders. - Thinning his forearms. - Thickening his legs. - Restoring his facial hair. - Adding a boxing glove only upper. - Adding a boxing glove plus Pra Jiad upper.

All items will replace their default versions with exceptions to: - Fahkumram's facial hair will replace the "Bearded Man's Style" Facial hair. - The Boxing Gloves will replace the "Karate Top" Upper. - The Boxing Gloves with Pra Jiads will replace the "Sleeveless Leather Jacket" Upper.

UPDATE 1: As requested a new upper was added with gloves and Pra Jiads. The Imgur album has been updated with a screenshot demonstrating this.

UPDATE 2: I decided to go back and adjust a few things. Basic screenshots will be provided in the Imgur album and are marked as V.3. This version aimed to create subtle improvements overall to the mesh while slightly thinning him down further. If you would prefer to have the more "bulky" Fahkumram like the original version, here is a Google drive download to it. (drive.google.com/file/d/1aW9OWFzVJcgaOMfrAmrOQULg6VnsG-is/view?usp=sharing) The changes are as follows: - Abdominal region has been slightly thinned to more closely adhere to Fahk's original design. - Deltoids have been thinned in multiple directions. - Lats have been thinned. - Upper back slightly thickened as it was previously too flat. - Lower back was slightly thinned to correctly curve. - Thinned Hamstrings slightly. - Traditional armour has received several updates thinning areas. The items are now less baggy as a result. - General mesh improvements to increase consistency between cosmetics.

UPDATE 3: More things changed. As ever, the previous version will be available here. Hopefully, this will be the last version. Imgur will be updated with two screenshots as the bodies have all been updated the same. (drive.google.com/file/d/1l-NnLhQo9Q7ZSJIKTVeZR5pU1FtSPrm4/view?usp=sharing) The changes are as follows: - Abdominal region has been slightly thinned. - Abdominal region has been made more curved. - Deltoids have been thinned where they connect to the back. - Buttocks have been lowered. - Biceps have been thinned. - Forearms have been thinned. - Pecs have been raised. - Neck has been shortened. - Traditional armour has been modified slightly to be less wide. - Both "Shorts" style cosmetics have been widened.

UPDATE 4: Whoops, I lied. The link to the previous version is here too. Hopefully no more versions but I've lied once before. (drive.google.com/file/d/1CgnrUQt-j9tVaamdqRh6oubnVOUDCvvY/view?usp=sharing) The changes are as follows: - Pecs have been thinned in multiple directions. - Upper chest has been thinned. - Abs have been made less wide. - Deltoids have been thinned towards the front. - Obliques have been thickened. - Lateral Muscles have been rounded. - Biceps have been thinned. - Triceps have been thickened. - Elastic bands around pants have been widened and made to be more consistent. - Eyebrows have been darkened. - Eyeballs have been shrunken to avoid them popping out at certain angles.

UPDATE 5: - Gap in the naked chest upper has been fixed. - Traditional Armour lower has been slimmed.

UPDATE 6: Boo. Old version: drive.google.com/file/d/1L0fPSoLp_hNprQr-Y5tG-XkofRVv-Acs/view?usp=sharing - Neck thinned from the side. - Lower body has been slightly widened from the front. - Abs have been brought up slightly. - Back of pants have been made slightly wider. - Hair has been made to cover head tattoo but scars are still visible.

UPDATE 6.1: Heh. Old version: drive.google.com/file/d/1LdDKyAwKD2wiiB6BL-eyF7R-baJh_Wro/view?usp=sharing - Belts of shorts have been raised.

UPDATE 7: Tonnes of misc changes. Old Version: drive.google.com/file/d/14rPmvxbNXTjadgfst8m4j_rfa4tKUpVe/view?usp=sharing - Abdominal region was raised. - Obliques raised. - latissimus dorsi brought back. - Inguinal crease added. - Trapezius muscles lowered. - Traditional/ Royal pants made wider around the belt.

Imgur Album: imgur.com/a/zTN7Wsm

Huge thanks to CDDTReborn, Ultraboy, MauriceSazerac, and others in the Modding Zaibatsu for the help getting this working <3

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