Tekken 6 P1 (default) Yoshimitsu

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By Izerantas

Uploaded November 21st, 2021

Updated January 16th, 2022



Update log:

Jan-15-22: I've added textures for the sword hilt, made the area around the eyes darker, and some tiny tweaks to the flowing neons.


Extract the zip file then place the pak file into your \Steam\steamapps\common\TEKKEN 7\TekkenGame\Content\Paks\~mods directory


Full-face (head): Buddha mask Upper body: Sleeveless leather jacket Lower body: Leather pants Unique (weapon): Issen Shinai I've changed the UI pictures for these customization items. Should be straightforward to find them


  • Can be selected through customization (Flake's idea not mine, don't @ me).
  • Doesn't hide any body parts. It replaces them. TLDR: No invisible head vs another Yoshi
  • No waist or shoulder armor physics.
  • Not colorable.

Credits / Shoutouts: (this will be a long list. Just a heads-up.)

  • Me (Izerantas) for ripping, rigging, upgrading, and porting the model. Yeah that's me patting myself on the back...you're welcome (:
  • FrozenDeath for the massive help with the textures. FD, if you're reading this by any chance, thanks so much for the help with the image editing fam. I freaking love you. No homo/hetero depending on whatever the fudge you identify as.
  • Ultraboy for pointing me in the right direction for the face texture (and the rest of Yoshi's silver/metallic stuff by extension tbh) and for making me crazy enough to even consider doing an upgrade let alone actually going for it.
  • Flake for helping with the screenshots and for trolling the Nvidia Ansel creep.
  • The folks who made custom mesh modding possible (Dennis, Labrys, Koenji, and whoever helped them along the way).
  • BlueEngine from Xentax for the detailed ripping guide. Couldn't have gotten my hands on the model without it. Super ancient text, but it still works and this is the receipt.
  • Chris, VictorSelkovtsk, and Ultraboy for reawakening the fanboi in me with their really cool retro yoman mods.
  • Bandai Namco for making this design in the first place. One of his most futuristic outfits to date. A true masterpiece.
  • You...I have no idea how you even made it this far into the description, but that takes some mad reading skills. Props. Also, if you helped in any way but I forgot to mention you, this is for you.
  • Myself again for stopping before this turns into some sort of weird, crappy valedictorian speech. Hope I'm not already too late. Anyway, think of it as 5 months worth of post-hiatus description compressed into one clusterfudge of a text

Screenshots: (courtesy of Flake)

Random notes on first release:

I couldn't really get the neons or the physics to work the way I wanted them to. I needed something to control how wide the neons were and also leave no traces. Didn't exactly work out. The tail physics also either ended up too stiff or too loose so this is as best as I could make them. Just a heads up, they will freak out after BT 1 2 on CH cause the camera actor gets too close. I might update if I figure these out. But for now, enjoy!

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January 15th, 2022 @ 06:53:04 PM


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