Gigas Random Helmet Collection

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Uploaded at November 23, 2021 Updated at November 23, 2021 1,367 views 308 downloads

Gigas Random Helmet Collection

Are you ready for another round of silly new helmets for your boy Gigas?

12 new helmets await you with this mod. They don't follow a theme, neither were they requested by anyone. This is what mindless browsing can lead up to.

The following helmets were added to the game: - Diglett (Pokemon) - Babyface (Toy Story) - Trapped Lucky Chloe - Mimic Chest (Dark Souls) - Bomber (Final Fantasy) - Monty the mole (Super Mario) - Tony the tiger (Kellogg's Frosties) - Glasshead (My creation) - Prof. I. Gidd (Luigi's Mansion) - Plankton (Spongebob Squarepants) - Krumm (Aaaah Real Monsters) - Plagas (Resident Evil 5)

In custumization some helmets may look like they weren't positioned properly, but once you're ingame it becomes better.

There is an additional "voice mod" available. It turns the -Halo Customization Item- invisible and plays the mimic death sound when the player using it loses the round. It can be found here:

Sources for 3D-Models: Krum: Plagas: Prof. Ed: Monty Mole: Digglet: Bomber: Baby: Mimic: Plankton:

How to install the mod: Download the ".zip" file, find the "..._P.pak" file inside and copy it to this location ".../Tekken7/TekkenGame/Content/Paks/~mods". Done!