(Buffed) Roshi Gigas

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Uploaded at December 13, 2021 Updated at December 13, 2021 6,776 views 2,167 downloads

(Buffed) Roshi Gigas

Buffed Muten Roshi joins the battle!

Since Goku, Cell and Broly have entered TEKKEN 7, why not give the old man a chance?

This Mod replaces the "Warrior" Upper Body with the buffed version of Muten Roshi. Equip the "Bolts" Legs and the "Xerxes Mask" Helmet to make the legs and helmet disappear, respectively. The items were marked with new icons ingame.

Have fun!

How to install the mod: Download the ".zip" file, find the "..._P.pak" file inside and copy it to this location ".../Tekken7/TekkenGame/Content/Paks/~mods". Done!