Bruce Lee: Reborn

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By Helix

Uploaded December 31st, 2021

Updated August 28th, 2022



So even though I never grew up watching Bruce Lee movies, or training under the guise of wanting to be like him, I still have a large amount of respect for Bruce Lee. As a result, I felt like it would be nice to "immortalize" him in a way by effectively putting him into Tekken.

With an extensive amount of resculpting, I've remade his most iconic outfits both in and out of movies and given Law a complete face and body update to more closely match Bruce Lee.

That being said, not ALL of Law's items have been changed. Just those which have made appearances in Bruce Lee movies or have been worn by him, as a result, there will be some... leftovers of items that haven't been changed. Most items made specifically for the mod will fit correctly together but most things that I haven't touched like other shirts or pants won't. However, it's worth noting that sunglasses and different hair types seem to roughly match so go wild with those.

A couple of screenshots of what was intended to be worn together are here in the screenshot collection I've taken. Beyond the point which is labelled "KNOWN OUTFITS END HERE" are just things I threw together to check compatibility between items or that I thought just looked cool. Anyways, here that is and onto the item list


The list of items and what they change is as follows:

  • Face: Law's face has been resculpted and retextured to more closely resemble Bruce Lee.

  • Player 1 and Shirtless Upper: Body type has been resculpted to more closely resemble Bruce Lee in multiple films.

  • Barbarian Armor: Has been replaced with a colourable tank top similar to what he has been depicted wearing multiple times.

  • Sleeveless Leather Jacket: This has been replaced with a fashionable shoestring style collar shirt which Lee has worn multiple times.

  • Yellow Shirt with Black Stripe: Made to look like his iconic appearance in Game of Death. Equipping the corresponding lower cosmetic is intended to look like the jumpsuit which was seen in the film. As a bonus can be recoloured to look like a normal long sleeve shirt.

  • Player 1 Lower: Default pants made to be baggier and thinner.

  • Distressed Jeans: Made to be bell-bottoms and platform shoes which Lee has worn multiple times.

  • Yellow Pants with Black Stripe: Made to look like his iconic appearance in Game of Death.

  • Dragon Shades: Made to more closely resemble Bruce Lee's iconic shades.

Update 1.5:

  • Updated the face sculpt to more closely resemble Lee. Hopefully, this helps with the uncanny vibe some people were getting. Here's a youtube vid to quickly view the new face.
  • Widened the oblique muscles and rounded the nipples.

(a silent patch was added shortly after because I accidentally fucked up one of the cuffs badly and reintroduced dirty belly law in the original 1.5 release. Oh, also I made a fuckton more changes to the face. Sorry!)

Old version if you want it:

Update 2.0:

  • Added wing-chun/ kung fu upper cosmetic.

  • Improved accuracy of face sculpt/ enlarged the head.

  • Player 1 Lower: Default pants are made to have a different texture and material to more closely match Lee's outfits.

  • Fixed Hair and Beards to fit on the head.


Update 3.0:

  • Added Enter the Dragon JKD upper.

  • Added Enter the Dragon JKD Lower.

  • Resculpted Face.

  • Updated skin materials to make Lee significantly more "cut" looking and vascular.


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