Story Mode Claudio Serafino Moveset

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Uploaded at February 18, 2022 Updated at September 19, 2022 3,332 views 444 downloads

Story Mode Claudio Serafino Moveset

You Will Be Needing's Moveset Extractor, or any software that can extract RAR Files.

Tutorial: After Downloading Kilo's Moveset Extractor, extract the files to any folder, then open the directory and go to "Extracted_Chars", for ex: "E:\mods\T&\TekkenMovesetExtractor\extracted_chars". then paste the rar "T7_CLAUDIO_boss.rar" there, then extract the rar and delete the rar. after that you would want to open up Tekken and the moveset extractor. play any match and select claudio (Selecting any other player will also work) and then pause the game. go to the moveset extractor by either pressing "Alt+Tab" or by pressing the windows key and going to the moveset extractor manually. in the moveset extractor press "Import to P1" or "Import to P2" depending on which side you have picked. wait for it to load and then Play!


Starbust: (u)+2+3 Delayed Judgment Claw: (Hold) B+1+2 Arrow Move: 1+4

Credit To Alee on discord for helping