Leo Tekken6 Original Jacketless old 1P (Bug Fix)

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Uploaded at March 16, 2022 Updated at September 18, 2022 6,017 views 734 downloads

Leo Tekken6 Original Jacketless old 1P (Bug Fix)

Update (bug fix): The model had breast physics by mistake, removed.

Finally was able to bring back the original Jacketless 1p Leo from Tekken6, a big thank you to TheFlameCrowTheFlameCrow for fetching the model for me.

Replaces: T-shirt (Tropical)

Extra version: (Sleeveless version) T-Shirt (Blossom)


Credit: -Model provided by TheFlameCrowTheFlameCrow
-Preview and thumbnail images are by my cameraman O.saO.sa Added watermarks to prevent the use of the my cameraman's images by others without permission.

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