The Ultimate Elden Ring Modpack

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By Ultraboy

Uploaded March 30th, 2022

Updated April 2nd, 2022



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This mod adds 8 new presets for 8 different characters.

  1. Melina (Replaces lidia default 2)

  1. Malenia (Replaces Kunimitsu default 2)

Agni And Rudra Mod:

  1. Lobster from the trailer (replaces Heihachi Default 4)

  1. Alexander the living Jar (Replaces Gigas preset 3)

  1. Prisoner (Replaces Lee Default 2)

  1. Radahn Counqerour of the stars (Replaces Marduk Default 2)

  1. Raging Wolf Armor set (Replaces Kazuya Preset 2)

  1. Ranni the Witch (Replaces Kazumi Default 2 )

  1. Torrent The spectral Steed (Replaces Kazumi Tiger)

Installation: Install one or more of the paks that you want on your ~mods folder.

Stoner's Jacketless Leo mod:

Models are from Elden Ring.

Melina and Ranni is ported to XPS format by Kannbara.

If you enjoy this mod alot and want to give back,consider supporting me at

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March 30th, 2022 @ 07:29:26 PM


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