Guilty Gear Music Mod (Certified Daisuke Classics)

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Uploaded at April 16, 2022 Updated at April 16, 2022 3,430 views 564 downloads

Guilty Gear Music Mod (Certified Daisuke Classics)

This took WAY longer than it had any right to, but well it's somewhat done now. Make your Tekken more metal with Daisuke's certified classics. Some songs have been recut to fit with Tekken's final-round style, which makes for some cool transitions, including turning some songs from instrumentals to vocal versions.

IMPORTANT: To respect the filesize limits of our beautiful website here, the file you will download will have a link to an external site (Google drive) where you can download the full mod. (317mb)

Installation: Drop the .pak at [path to steam]\steamapps\common\TEKKEN 7\TekkenGame\Content\Paks\~mods (filename must end with "_P")

Here's the list with the replaced tracks:

Note: As is usually the case with sound mods, certain files are more quiet than the others and I can't be bothered to redo the process again just to fix a few tracks. To mitigate this, through the short testing I've done I found the music sounds best if you keep the music maxed and turn down the sound effects by a notch or two.

Additionally, this was made possible by the Jukebox tool. If you want to change the playlist to better accommodate your stages, you can also download the files I used to create the pakdownload the files I used to create the pak, and use it yourself in the Jukebox tool. Just extract it to jukeboxtool/BGM/. Also comes with the base playlist seen in the mod here.