TEKKEN 7: Kame House (UPDATED)

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Uploaded at February 11, 2021 Updated at August 19, 2021 20,709 views 8,614 downloads

TEKKEN 7: Kame House (UPDATED)

Train and battle your matches on the Turtle hermit's small island, Kame's House, from the Dragon Ball series! This is a stage mod for both the "Infinite Azure" & "Infinite Azure 2" stages.

Credits: AboveHumanAboveHuman - Teaching me how to do stage mods. MudassarRiazMudassarRiaz - Inspiration of his Hyperbolic Time ChamberHyperbolic Time Chamber Stage Mod.

Installation: Drag either the "KameHouse_P.pak" or "KameHouse2_P.pak" files to your "TEKKEN 7/TekkenGame/Content/Paks/~mods" directory (found in "Steam/commonapps" folder)

UPDATE 3/20/2021: - You can now choose to either use a blur/non-blur version of the stages. - Old builds before 2/23/2021 have been removed.

UPDATE 2/23/2021: - Kame's House has ben reworked to improve image quality - The build now contains both the latest and old versions of the mod.

NOTE: You may or may have to remove other existing Azure 1 or 2 stage mods to avoid texture mishaps. This may not apply to some Azure Mods.

Please DO NOT REHOST or repackage the mod, instead please link it to this page to make sure people have the latest revisions. This mod is not to be sold as a standalone item or part of a bundle. If you have paid for this mod for any of the things I've mentioned before, you have been scammed and should demand your money back.