Kiryu Kazuma - Onomichi Edition

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By wiibu

Uploaded August 7th, 2022

Updated August 18th, 2022



With my charming hassaku face! Steaming Onomichi ramen hat! Cute fish pouch! Cool boots, vital for any fisherman! And my bold and trendy Ono shirt! That's right! I'm the pride of Onomichi... Ono... Michio!

Short showcase by IronFist WS, tysm for making the video! 🙏

This mod replaces Jin - Ono Michio - Preset 6 - Kiryu Kazuma - Preset 8

Also comes with voice mod provided by Masood!

There are 2 optional voice packs which were made by Masood and me.

Small Patch Note: Updated my voice pack since I forgot to make it louder (lol.)


This mod was made from scrap all by myself, there are no other assets from other mods taken.

Special Thanks

Thank you to all the helps from Yakuza Modding Community for helping me with texture details, be sure to check them out! Thanks to Ultraboy also for all the researches. Without him, this mod won't make it!


ParToolShell by SutandoTsukai181 Yakuza GMD Importer by theturboturnip ACE by LazyBone152

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August 8th, 2022 @ 11:31:39 AM


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