EX Jin v2 [Full Power] Movesets

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Uploaded at August 17, 2022 Updated at September 17, 2022 5,200 views 945 downloads

EX Jin v2 [Full Power] Movesets

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;Move v.1 Note: [EX Move] 1,2,4+f : EX move df+1,4+f : EX move 2,4+f :EX move [New Effect] 4+f : EX move b,2,1+f : EX move 2,1+f : EX move 1,2+f : EX move [BUFF] f,2+f : EX move [BUFF]

[New Move] d/f,1+f : jin tekken3 move [Buff] b,f,2,3+b : New move d/f,1,2+b : New move b,3+b : New move 3,1+b : New move f,4+b : New move d/b,2,2,1,2 New move [New Effect] d/b,2,2,1,3 New move [New Effect] b,2+1 : boss move [Buff] (fly)u/f+2+1 : king edit move f,N,d~d/f+2 : Soul Rage Wind Hook Fist f,N,d~d/f+1 : Soul Rage Roundhouse Punch [New Effect] f,N,d~d/f+4 : Soul Rage (L.L.R.K) d+1+3 : Geese edit move [Buff+New Effect] 2,1,2 : Soul Rage Geyser Rage Drive : Rage Drive edit [Buff] Rage Arts+(hold),b : Rage Arts cancel [New Effect] Rage Arts+(hold),f : Rage Arts 5 combo [BUFF] Rage Arts : Big DMG [Fix+NewEffect]

[New Reac] d,2 : New Reac [Back To Normal] 1+2 : New Reac [New Effect] d/f,3,3 : New Reac [New Effect] 1,3,3 : New Reac [Buff Bound T7] f,3,3 : New Reac [Buff Bound T7] d/b,2,3 : New Reac [Buff] d/f,3 : New Reac [New Effect]

;Move v.2 Note: [Remove] Auto Parry [Move to b/d,1+2,d+1+2] 2+3+4 : New Taunt [Move to b/d,1+2,d+3+4],[Buff]

[New Move] 1,1,2 : New Move 1,2,3~3 : New Move d/f,2,1 : New Move [Heihachi Move] u+2 : New Move [T5 Move] b/u,3,4 : New Move [T5 Move] b,2,2 : New Move [Kazuya Move] d+1+4 : New Move [Boss Move],[cant use u+1+4] u+1+4 : New Move [Boss Move],[cant use d+1+4] b/d,1+2,b+1+2 : New Move [Soul Rage Parry] b/d,1+2,d+1+2 : New Move [Auto Parry] b/d,1+2,d+3+4 : New Move [??????????????],[wtf dmg] b/d,1+2,b+1+4 : New Move [Omen stance] 1+3+4,b+1+3 : New Move [Omen stance] During side step,2 : New Move [Jun Move] b/f,2,1,1 : New Move b/f,2,1,d/f,1 : New Move b/f,2,2,2 : New Move b/f,2,1,d/f,(hold)2 : New Move [T4 Move] f,N,d~d/f+(hold)2 : New Move [T4 Move] f,N,d~d/f+(hold)3 : New Move [Soul Rage Move] f,N,d~d/f+3+4 : New Move f,f,1+2 : New Move ws+f,2 : New Move [Omen stance] (Omen stance)1+2,(hold)U : New Move [TTT2 Jin Tag DevilJin] (Rage Drive)d,3 : New Move

[V-Trigger Street Fighter5] f+1+2,d,1+2 : VTSF 2,1,4,d,1+2 : VTSF f+4,d,1+2 : VTSF 3,1,4,d,1+2 : VTSF 1,d+3,4,d,1+2 : VTSF b/u,3,4,d,1+2 : VTSF f,N,d~d/f+4,d,1+2 : VTSF

[New Reac] d/b,3 : New Reac [5.00 Reac on Wall] 1,3,3 : New Reac [Buff Bound T6 on fly ]