Evil Asuka Costume & Hit Sparks

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Uploaded at September 27, 2022 4,183 views 803 downloads

Evil Asuka Costume & Hit Sparks

*Evil Asuka (Mishima Inspired) costume (Plus Devil Jin Hit Sparks)

PREVIEW https://streamable.com/w5n6fhttps://streamable.com/w5n6f

Included are... *Boss-Mishima-Style Costume *Red Electric Hit Sparks *Blue Electric Hit Sparks (Three separated files of each mod, pick & choose or use all three)

Costume Part of a full pack of costume swaps that I'm working on for Asuka Kazama. This mod will replace the black turtleneck crop top with Nina's "cardigan-hoodie" & the sabrina pants with Lili's "regular style C jeans" to give Asuka a "Mishima style" look.

Electric Hit Sparks Included in separate files are two hit sparks for you to choose from, red or blue. Or you can install both. Red replaces Asuka original default unique hit spark and blue replaces her second hit spark, the 1st unlocked one. Icons of the electric hit sparks are also shown.

To install on PC, drag the mods you want to use (or all three) into your ~MODS folder.

Example D:\Steam\steamapps\common\TEKKEN 7\TekkenGame\Content\Paks\~mods