No-Shiny Clothing - Pack #1

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Uploaded at February 12, 2021 5,453 views 491 downloads

No-Shiny Clothing - Pack #1

I personally don't like the plastic/shiny look of some costumes in Tekken 7, especially in the Asuka Default Costume. So I did it because now I know how to change clothing visuals. Thanks to mattplara once again with his knowledge about game files.

  • Asuka 1P Default
  • Xiaoyu 1P Default (old)
  • Nina Dance Costume
  • Kunimitsu Hoodie Costume (Upper Body)

Note: choose only one of the .pak files inside the zipped file for each costume to get one of the clothing variations available and paste into your ~mods folder. To revert to the original (and awful) costume look you just need to delete the mod files.

Previews into the zipped file.