Over-Tuned Project Angel (Updated!)

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Uploaded at November 16, 2022 Updated at January 1, 2023 3,915 views 491 downloads

Over-Tuned Project Angel (Updated!)

This is not my original mod, these are just my additions and tweaks to the Project Angel move-set by BoppuPoppu to make Angel's move-set more busted and a bit more in-depth. So please check out the original move-set by him! I took a bit inspiration from him and started to mess with move-sets and learned a lot!

BoppuPoppu's Project Angel Mod: https://tekkenmods.com/mod/852/project-angel-v1-2

I included patch notes in the RAR file if you want to read through them, but as the title says I pretty much adjusted Angel's move-set to make her more powerful.

Key Notes: D3 is pretty much broken Phenomenon stance has more options, faster and is more powerful DF4 no longer crashes your game Phenomenon 2 is now a broken move Some moves can now transition into Phenomenon stance like the aforementioned D3 and moves like FF3 and etc.

Consider checking the notes in the RAR file if you want more details. I hope you enjoy and again, please check out the original modder!

Here is a showcase video I published on Odysee since the link won't work: https://odysee.com/@Bloom:7/Project-Angel-Tweaks:4

Updates!: 2+3 is now a new parry that she has (it's Unknown's from Tag 2) DB3 is now Angel's new low poke that belongs to Alisa U3/UB3 is Kazuya's SS3 There's much more that I added which you can view in the updated text file that is included in the download Here's a new video showing it off: https://odysee.com/@Bloom:7/Angel-Voice-Mod-Moveset-UPD:4

I also made a voice mod for Angel (That replaces Nina's voice files): If you're interested check it out here: https://tekkenmods.com/mod/2245/angel-voice-mod