Over-Tuned Devil Kazuya

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Uploaded at November 16, 2022 3,087 views 387 downloads

Over-Tuned Devil Kazuya

These are just my over-tuned adjustments to the boss Kazuya move-set to make him even more obnoxious and overpowered so I figured I'd share and I hope you lik.

Key Notes: Electric is now very broken and very plus and hit while being super spammable (Puts Kazuya at +37 on block) F2 now has a different Hit Reaction on CH Hellsweep is now homing Rage Drive is now more plus on block and does absurd damage Rage Art is now un-blockable Generic Throws now come out at 10 frames

That's the things that I considered worthy of note, but you can check out the notes I made in the RAR for more details on frames and other moves that have been changed.