Heavenly Armor King

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Uploaded at November 16, 2022 1,299 views 85 downloads

Heavenly Armor King

This move-set is pretty much a big tweak and kind of over-tuned revamp if you want to call it that to a lot of Armor Kings' moves to make him essentially broken. This move-set was based off of VinoVici's Updated AK Moveset mod so please check his out and show it love.

VinoVici's Updated AK Moveset: https://tekkenmods.com/mod/1726/updated-ak-moveset My Showcase of the move-set: https://odysee.com/@Bloom:7/Armor-King-Showcase:6

I spent the most time with this move-set so believe me when I say the patch notes are very long and that this Armor King is essentially unstoppable so I hope the AK fans like :).

Key Notes: There are now quite a few moves that can now be cancelled into Shadow Step (21, 121, DB3, SS2, B21, F1+2, RD etc.) F3 2+3 is a new move that goes into AK's B4 Moves that were generally unsafe are now safe like F21, DF2, D3, D4 and a lot of AK's moves have better frames Some moves now have better CH properties like FF2, DF1+2, F343 (Which is a now a pretty crazy move) etc. Some of AK's moves now have a Devil Kazuya F4 property when hitting crouchers which can lead into a crouch grab mix-up (DF2, UF1+2, D2, B2) Dark Upper and the blue sparks variant now has better recovery. Giant Swing and ISW can be done out of parry A lot of his grabs do much more damage and come out much quicker (9-10 frames) Ultimate Tackle 3rd hit (either 1 or 2) can now lead into a throw by executing DB2+4 when doing 2 punches or DB1+3 while doing 1 punches Ultimate Tackle now does more damage overall Ultimate Tackle can now be done out of Shadow Step RD does more damage RA is now un-blockable and does more damage D2 B3 (From Vici's move-set I believe) can be cancelled into AK's un-blockable which tracks B4 B3 can lead into RA

And there's much more, but I don't want to clutter the description please check it out for yourself and check out the original mod I based it off of. Also consider checking the video and the patch notes I made for this move-set which goes more in-depth (patch notes goes waaay more in-depth)

Enjoy and Cheers!