Over-Tuned Eliza (Update!)

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Uploaded at November 16, 2022 Updated at March 5, 2023 4,627 views 431 downloads

Over-Tuned Eliza (Update!)

These are my Overtuning adjustments to the vanilla move-set of Eliza which, just like the Armor King has a long list of patch notes and changes which I had a lot of fun making. As time goes on and I learn more, I do want to update these move-sets and add moves from other characters move-lists myself and make them more advanced. That'll be cool if you want to see that as I really do enjoy this process.

Showcase Video (Combos were done on Keyboard): https://odysee.com/@Bloom:7/My-Eliza-Tweaks-1:e

Key Notes: Jab comes out at 9 frames now Down jab comes out at 9 frames now DB4 can be cancelled into EX Moon Glide by holding F F3 can be cancelled into Moon Glide by Pressing F4 Increased General Damage Output (More info listed in patch notes) DF2 comes out at 14 frames instead of 16 QCB 1, 2, 1+2 are now safe QCB 2 does ridiculous damage Snake Edge can now be cancelled into crouch 1+2 properly wall-bounces now and is safe FF2 has a new reaction on hit and CH EX 2 (along with Moon Glide 2) has a new reaction on CH (Similar to Kazuya's DF2) F1+2 has a new reaction on CH Moon Glide 4 has a new reaction on CH Moon Glide 1 comes out at 9 frames Moon Glide 12 can be cancelled into EX Moon Glide by pressing F4 Dive Kick 4 now has a Devil Kazuya F4 crouch property when hitting crouchers Both versions of her unblockable come out faster, do much more damage and has a new reaction on CH EX 1+2 comes out insanely fast and is homing Dive Kick 3 has a new RD like reaction when hitting airborne opponent Dive Kick 3 does more damage All her grabs do much more damage and gives her better Oki (Her back turned grab does obscene damage) RA is now un-blockable and also does obscene damage and gives her better Oki

Update: Fixed bug where low parrying a BT kick caused opponent to be in completely different position

2nd Update Tweaks: Eliza can now do B1 in her 1 jab string (Similar to Heihachis' 1B2) Added new crouch throws She has some of Lili's moves now, one of them being a parry (2+3) Moon-Glide now auto-parries lows upon startup frames There's slightly more changes that you can read at end of my notes included in the file but it isn't much; hopefully Bloody Horn (Super) isn't still crashing some people's game as I have heard of that being an issue. Here's a video showcasing the new stuff: https://odysee.com/@Bloom:7/Eliza-Update-And-Tweaks:6

I'll end it there before the list gets too long but you'll be safe to assume that Eliza is at-least pretty good if not broken. As mentioned before, consider checking out my showcase video of Eliza in this move-set and my patch notes in the RAR File if you want much more details (About as long as AK's and longer than Angels'). I hope you have as much fun playing around with this move-set as I did messing with it.

Enjoy your day and cheers!