BAEK DOO SAN, With 7 Style Combo, Oki, Everything.

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Uploaded at December 26, 2022 Updated at December 26, 2022 2,333 views 286 downloads

BAEK DOO SAN, With 7 Style Combo, Oki, Everything.

Wake up, new Baek mod is on

( I'm not good at english, sorry for that )

Lastest Patch / Videos

Release ~ V02 :

V03 :

Changed / Added Thing

  1. Everything of V01 ~ V03
  2. Every Oki is changed with Tekken 7's one
  3. 3+4 is changed to wall crush skill
  4. While rising 3+4 was changed
  5. Effects are changed / added like Tekken 7
  6. Some skill is changed like Tekken 7 balance

6. And something not important things...

Known bugs

  1. Sometime, Backdash animation is weird
  2. Head first down to rising 3's animation is weird

3. RA damage is bit weak

How to apply this mod?

  1. You need to extract Tag 2 Beak and T7 Hworang, Dragunov
  2. Copy Hworang's anim forder and mota files to Beak's folder
  3. If theres was same file, don't changed it
  4. Change json file to downloaded one
  5. And import to game, There might be one error code.
  6. Find that animation from dragunov's anim folder and paste to baek's anim folder
  7. Done