Xiaoyu's SFxT Alternative Costume

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Uploaded at January 8, 2023 2,547 views 401 downloads

Xiaoyu's SFxT Alternative Costume

This is Xiaoyu's Street Fighter x TEKKEN Preset 3 Alternative costume. As funky and silly as it looks, it's one of the most unique outfits in the game (in my opinion).

This mod IS NOT AFFILIATED or an official product of Bandai Namco Entertainment or Capcom!

How to equip the outfit

(Replaces Xiaoyu's Preset 3 slot) - There will be a preview image of the preset to indicate that the mod has been successfully installed.


Bandai Namco Entertainment - Ling Xiaoyu (TEKKEN) & the outfit


Please DO NOT REHOST OR REPACKAGE this mod on other platforms without my given consent/permission. Instead, please link the mod to this exact page to ensure people have the latest revisions of the mod. This mod is NOT TO BE SOLD as a standalone item or part of a bundle. If you have paid for this mod for any of the things I've mentioned above, you have been scammed and should demand your money back.