[MOVESET MOD] Re-Dragunov 1.0

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Uploaded at January 11, 2023 2,188 views 196 downloads

[MOVESET MOD] Re-Dragunov 1.0

A rebalance mod for Dragunov with the intent of maintaining his core playstyle. To do so, I've made no changes to his mids save for his newest 22f. I put more emphasis on his aggressive attack throws and reversals, the latter being influenced by the Holds from Dead or Alive. Leave a comment if you have any particular impressions. Anything is good, but constructive would be better.


Crouch Throw (start-up): 13(14) -> 12(13)

Stomp leaves the opponent closer.

SS+2,3:1+2: Added on-hit command for Attack Throw.

d/f+3: Recovers 2 frames faster and leaves the opponent closer on crouched hit. Frame advantage on crouched hit changes from 9(12) to 11(14).

d/f+3+4: Causes Side KD (Face Up) on CH.

d+1: The recovery frames decreased by 1.

b+3: Changed behavior on normal and counter-hit. Decreased recovery frames by 6 frames. Changed frame advantage from +11(far) to +4 (close). Counter-hit causes Crumble Fall (Face Down).

qcf+3: Changed reaction on normal hit (forces crouch). Frame advantage changed from -6 to -2.

High/Mid Reversal: Changed start-up frames from 3(10) to 2(10)

Low Reversal: Changed active frames from 5(15) to 2(15). Recovery frames increased by 10. While it is easier to land this parry now, I balanced it out by reducing its recovery speed since it officially recovers in 10f. Bigger punishment window.