TKDataPatcher [BETA 8]

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Uploaded at January 29, 2023 Updated at March 9, 2023 63,199 views 17,778 downloads

TKDataPatcher [BETA 8]

A github repo to those who want to contribute to the tool:

Time to make Tekken modding great again, gone the days of conflicting mods that use the same item to replace something

Allows to add custom item slots, highly beta. made it back in late 2020 but never had the time to polish and release it to the public


First time run

Extract the file to where TEKKEN 7.exe is and launch TKDataPatcher.exe, it will extract all the relevant customization item data from the game and put them in TEKKEN 7\TekkenGame\Content\ModData\customize_item_data\TEKKEN PROJECT DO NOT EDIT THE FILE ITEMS.CSV IN TEKKEN PROJECT, instead use it for researching and understanding the items in the game

As user

Every time you add new .csv files to TEKKEN 7\TekkenGame\Content\ModData\customize_item_data\ then you'll need to run TKDataPatcher.exe to patch the game's files to reflect the changes

Items will sync online if two people have the same mod with the same shop item ID otherwise the opponent will see the default outfit

As modder

Adding your own item

Create a directory in TEKKEN 7\TekkenGame\Content\ModData\customize_item_data and call it yourname or whatever, then create a file called items.csv or coolmod.csv Any file will work as long as it ends with .csv, you can have multiple .csv files in one directory too

An example csv:


This is just Lidia's 1P colorable item but with the item ID of 561001 instead of 560001 SHOP ID has to be unique, if the tool gets popular then we might get conflicting IDs but at least the end user can change the ID, so this is way better than the conflicts we have right now.

CSV Breakdown

A: Shop ID (Item ID)
A number that tells you what slot the item is on this is unique for every item in the game.
(It has to be unique!!!)

B: packageIndex (int32)
Value is set to -1

C: CCI + CI Reference (fileNameOffset)
The hard reference lookup that is done to find the uasset in question.

D: Unknown (int32)
Value is set to 0

E: charId (0-255)
The character ID, you can find them here:
under "Character IDs"

F: slotId (0-255)
Defines what kind of item it is

G: Unknown (int16)

H: Name by ID

I: Name of item
The value NSD_CUS_007 will point the Lidia's swimsuit's item name

J: Unknown
Usually 0

K: Slot Group ID

L: Unknown (int32)

M: PlayerCus ID
1 = 1p
2 = 2p
0 = Generic

N: Slot colors (0-255)
The amount of slot colors for this item
0 - Not colorable
1 - 1 Slot
2 - 2 slots

O: Unknown (0-255)
Usually 0

P: Rarity (0-5)
Used for the stars 

Q: packageId (int32)
Used to indicate if the item is DLC,locked,unlocked, seems to be a slot flag

R: Item cost (int32)
The cost of the item

S: Unknown (int32)

T: Unknown (string)

U: Unknown

** Slot IDs **

1 = Head
2 = Hairstyle
3 = Full Head
4 = Hair Accessory
5 = Glasses
6 = Face
7 = Facial Hair
8 = Face Paint
9 = Upper Body
10 = Full Body
11 = Lower Body
12 = Upper Accessory
13 = Lower Accessory
14 = Extra (Devil Jins wings, Chloes tails, Yoshimitsu swords)
15 = Effects
17 = Aura

Slot Group IDs

-236 = Mirroring
-237 = Skin Tone
-238 = Aura
-240 = Effects
-242 = Lower Accessory
-243 = Upper Accessory
-244 = Lower Body
-245 = Full Body
-246 = Upper Body
-247 = Face Paint
-249 = Face
-250 = Glasses
-251 = Hair Accesory
-252 = Full Head
-253 = Hairstyle
-254 = Head

Package IDs

-255 = Base
-254 = PS4 Exclusive
-253 = Purchasable (Value after is cost)
-243 = Treasure Battle (★★★★ Unique Tier Item)
-242 = Treasure Battle (★★★★★ Unique Tier Item)
-237 = Treasure Battle (Heist Battle)
-236 = Treasure Battle (★ Tier Shared Item)
-235 = Treasure Battle (★★ Tier Shared Item)
-234 = Treasure Battle (★★★ Tier Shared Item)
-233 = Treasure Battle (★★★★ Shared Item)
-232 = Treasure Battle (★★★★★ Shared Item)
-218 = Ultimate Tekken Bowl DLC (First Unlock)
-217 = Ultimate Tekken Bowl DLC (Second Unlock)
-212 = Season Pass 1
-211 = DLC Pack 1
-207 = Noctis DLC
-1 = Permalocked

have fun

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