Xiaoyu School Uniform for Kunimitsu

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By ChampionLeake
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Uploaded February 15th, 2021

Updated August 19th, 2021



NOTE: I'm highly aware of the "sliced neck" problem. I'll fix it late, please don't ask me when.

This is my first and very simple customization mod for Kunimitsu. This mod also allows you to customize the uniform's colors.

This replaces the following accessories for Kunimitsu: - UPPER ACCESSORY: Winter Coat - LOWER ACCESSORY: Jeans

Please DO NOT REHOST or repackage the mod, instead please link it to this page to make sure people have the latest revisions. This mod is not to be sold as a standalone item or part of a bundle. If you have paid for this mod for any of the things I've mentioned before, you have been scammed and should demand your money back.

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February 15th, 2021 @ 02:36:28 AM


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