Tekken 7 Jukebox - Enhanced T5 Music Pack

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Uploaded at February 26, 2023 Updated at August 27, 2023 3,308 views 853 downloads

Tekken 7 Jukebox - Enhanced T5 Music Pack

Tekken 5 Music pack, with "final round" mix of each stage and increased volume compared to the other pack.

For use with the Tekken 7 Jukebox tool by ThePaSch: tekkenmods.com/mod/595/tekken-7-jukebox-tool-v1-9-0-season-4-compatible

Each stage track has two versions: TRACK1: Normal, first part of the song to the very end. TRACK2: Final round - it simply skips later into the BGM.

Unlike the Tekken 4 pack, the Final Round (TRACK2) is not inspired by how the music is represented in the game, it is arbitrarily mixed by me.

For simplicity, there is a Jukebox preset playlist file included, but I strongly suggest you decide which track replaces which for yourself manually using the Jukebox tool.

Included tracks: Main Menu Prologue Epilogue Character Select Antares Crimson Epilogue Finalizer Formless Like Water Goldrush Ground Zero Funk Ka-En-No-Mai Martial Symphony Opus Massive Stunner Moonlit Wilderness Orbital Move Poolside Red Hot Fist Streets Those Who Go To Heaven Unforgiven

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