IKEA Pimp Cane for Leroy

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Uploaded at February 27, 2023 Updated at February 27, 2023 547 views 44 downloads

IKEA Pimp Cane for Leroy

The "Pimp Cane" was an inside joke between me and a co-worker when I was working at IKEA, someone took a curtain rod and put a fancy finial that made it look like a cane that a pimp would probably have we kept it hidden inside the store and took it out whenever we had to do different tasks around the store that required hanging large paper posts


Drag IKEA_PIMP_CANE_P to steamapps\common\TEKKEN 7\TekkenGame\Content\Paks\~mods

Replaces Leroy's cane


Contact your local IKEA store about stock availability


I'm not affiliated with IKEA (not anymore atleast), this is a parody, this is a mod, this is a joke, this is a tribute, IKEA lawyers please don't sue me I love IKEA, i love PAX wardrobes, I love your scented candles, i'm a trained PAX wardrobe designer, please don't sue me i don't have money i spent it all on hosting this website and scented vanilla JÄMLIK candlesscented vanilla JÄMLIK candles, IKEA HR department please don't summon me to an investigation, we weren't doing any pimping in the store