Over-Tuned Christie

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Uploaded at March 5, 2023 Updated at March 5, 2023 4,392 views 449 downloads

Over-Tuned Christie

These are my adjustments and revamps if you could call it that to Eddy's move-set to pretty much Christify it while also giving it the over-tuned treatment. Grab animations have been changed/replaced with Christie's animations along with new moves being added to strings to slightly differentiate the move-set from Eddy's which will listed in detail below.

Key Notes: Grab animations have been replaced with Christie's as mentioned above Slippery Kicks and Relax 4~3 have been reverted to their T4 roots (No block-stun) Added new transitions into handstand while doing SS43 and Handstand Sway 3 or 4 just like in T6 Changed the frame advantages of most moves to make her more plus, absurdly so on some moves Added new taunt (F2+3) which is a Christie specific item move from T6 New reactions on NH and CH to certain moves (D23 on airborne opponent gives a Bryan-like RD reaction) UF3 is a little broken Now has better punishment A little more combo utility with certain moves (Like F23 and the new jab-string 233) Better damage on some moves, grabs doing the most damage outside of her unblockable New string options added into some moves (FF2 F4 is a new one for example) I go into more detail in my notes included with the RAR file, consider checking that out if you want

Here's a showcase vid: https://odysee.com/@Bloom:7/Christie-Moveset-Mod:0

Hope you like!