Lois Griffin Mod for Lidia Sobieska

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Uploaded at April 20, 2023 Updated at April 23, 2023 2,392 views 488 downloads

Lois Griffin Mod for Lidia Sobieska

Another mod for Tekken 7. Presenting Peter's wife, Lois Griffin.


I know some of you saying, why the hell do you mod Lidia as Lois? Remember the Lois vs Jared episode from Family Guy? You should refer to that on why I make this mod.


Replaces Halterneck (Full Body) and Knight's Helm (Invisible head)

Contains mild explicit words.

Surprisingly, this one was easy to make.

Special thanks to:

Mahrlx (for the sounds) rustbucket (for assisting me on material instance) Dennis Stanistan III Saiki Ultraboy (for assisting me on render textures) JCThornton (Special thanks to him/her for making this awesome model)

and other members of the Modding Zaibatsu discord.

Voices comes from: Warped Kart Racers, Family Guy (series) Models and Renders are belongs to: JCThornton