Tekken 8 Styled Main Menu

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Uploaded at June 18, 2023 Updated at June 23, 2023 11,426 views 3,524 downloads

Tekken 8 Styled Main Menu

Tekken 8 leaked?!11?! oh it's just a concept mod lol. Did it as a practice mod to check importing custom fonts, which works btw!

This modifies: gfxfontlib.uasset - SW_UI_MainMenu.uasset - SW_UI_InformationBar.uasset - SW_UI_PlayerInformation.uasset Check other UI mods if it has the same file it modifies it might collide.

Inside there's 2 USM file and the Pak file itself. MainMenuCS_00.usm - For the Main Menu (No need to create copies as the mod forces the usm to play anyways) Online.usm - For the Online Menu TEKKEN8CONCEPT_P.pak - For the base mod

Do you like it? Maybe you can give me a little support for doing mods for free. This is optional only, my work will still be free to get though supporting me will help thx <3. Support me here on Ko-fi: saikilesssaikiless

Special Thanks: LeakeLeake - For some great suggestions and the copy of the font used for the mod Sire DennisSire Dennis and a5tronomya5tronomy - For testing the mod out

INSTALLATION: Extract the 7zip file and paste the mod to TEKKEN 7\TekkenGame\Content\Paks\~mods

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