Neco Arc for Akuma

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Uploaded at August 24, 2023 Updated at August 26, 2023 4,785 views 1,044 downloads

Neco Arc for Akuma

Tired of being the usual Tekken reject? Now you can be a Tekken reject in STYLE

Now you can: - Burenyuuu and atleast feel good while doing an EX DP! - Enjoy the theme of circomsision (GCV2005) whilst deathcomboing some ❤❤❤❤ing green rank Jin! - Dori Dori Dori - Now you have a reason to NOT SKIP YOUR INTROS/OUTROS - Enjoy Pilk

Linked to Preset 5, changed it to add _P at the end so that the mod is seeable :> Huge thx to my boy Arthur helping me out with the mod :>


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