Tekken 8 King Model

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Uploaded at September 8, 2023 6,640 views 887 downloads

Tekken 8 King Model

Here's my port of King from Tekken 8.

I recommend using Blender 3.5 and later.

If you want to enable (or disable) the physics, you have to click on mesh and select 'bind' option that's in the 'Modifier Properties'.

Muscle pump, emissions, sweat and dirt can be switch on and off using the relevant node groups that can accessed in the shader editor.

There is an Auto Rig Pro version and a 'no rig' version. As always make sure you have the 'rig tools' addon installed if you intend to use the auto rig pro version.

Feel free to convert and re-release this model for SFM, DAZ, XNALARA if you want to.

Here is my twitter: https://twitter.com/AD8_3D

Let me know if there are any problems with it.

Everything here belongs to Bandai Namco.

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