Bruce Irvin V2 Tekken 8 Moveset Mod Concept

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Uploaded at September 8, 2023 Updated at May 28, 2024 3,656 views 528 downloads

Bruce Irvin V2 Tekken 8 Moveset Mod Concept

5-28-24 (Secret update) AKA the bored update.

  • Minor quality of life changes on certain moves and strings so they are more consistent when executed / landed. ↑↓
  • You can now CD on MTS by double tapping forward giving you more mixup and combo options.
  • CD1 range has been increased
  • CD1 recovery has been decreased by 2 frames giving you more combo routes
  • CD UF3 properties have been reverted back to 12-19-23 update

1-10-24 (FINAL UPDATE?) See Readme file attached to zip for changes

12-19-23 Heres an update to the most advance and complete Tekken 8 concept moveset mod by far. Somewhat of a complete overhaul compared to Version 1. New moves, animations, and reactions have been added. This version replicates the current state of Tekken 8 as of the CBT and Demo in terms of heat mechanics and how they operate.

For those that still want access to V1 be sure to click the link below.

As always All moves, changes, etc are in the readme text file provided.

Note! This moveset mod requires the old version of Kilo's Moveset Extractor in order to work.

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