Tekken 8 - Kazuya Mishima

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Uploaded at September 16, 2023 Updated at September 16, 2023 15,363 views 1,992 downloads

Tekken 8 - Kazuya Mishima

Kazuya Mishima Tekken 8 Outfit


  • This mod will interfere with dragunov's Default outfit 1
  • Selecting the Item 'Silk Coat' gives an invisible body
  • Some hat Items for Kazuya have been replaced with other meshes
  • This mod was made a long time ago. I made it right after The Game Awards Trailer and way before the Kazuya gameplay trailer was released. So I had very little reference to work with, therefore this mod may not look very accurate.


Preset 1

For colorable options pick these Items in customization: - Training Jacket - Training Pants

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I hope you like it :)

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