Spanish Community Arena Stage Mod

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Uploaded at November 5, 2023 Updated at December 16, 2023 1,827 views 304 downloads

Spanish Community Arena Stage Mod


v2.1 is now live! Both versions work independently, if you already had 1.0, you just need to overwrite the previous .pak with the new one.

This mod features a retexture of multiple signs and materials from Arena with different teams, memes and celebrities from the Spanish community. The mod is composed of 2 parts contained inside the .zip, since the stage video preview needs additional steps. There's a Readme inside the zip with the instructions to install the mod in both english and spanish. If there's any problem with the mod contact me through discord or comment in this page.

Much love, Razzorblack

Special thanks to Modding Zaibatsu Discord, without their help this would have never been possible.

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