Tekken 7 Enhanced (Reshade Preset)

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Uploaded at November 9, 2023 Updated at November 27, 2023 2,627 views 380 downloads

Tekken 7 Enhanced (Reshade Preset)

Note I was requested to upload the old version as well as some of you liked that better. Its marked with a [Old] prefix.

Reshade Setup Basically, just get the ReShade installer from their website. Latest ver. might be 5.9.x something. Run the installer and select TekkenGame-Win64-Shipping.exe (in Win64 directory). Next, select all the shaders to install. Installer will download all the shader files. The preset file you download here can be put in any directory. Though, I recommend you put it in the same directory as Tekken7's executable. Start the game, you should see the reshade overlay loading the shaders. Now, press HOME key to bring up the Reshade overlay/Menu. There search for the preset file and select it. Then the preset is applied. Enjoy!

Uninstallation guide To uninstall, simple delete the dxgi.dll file in the Tekken executable directory.

What it does 1. Better colors 2. Better local details, e.g., the muscular look pops out more

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