T8 Kazuya moveset (Overtuned)

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Uploaded at November 29, 2023 Updated at January 18, 2024 2,973 views 562 downloads

T8 Kazuya moveset (Overtuned)

THIS USES TKM2!! NOT TKM!! MY PORT IS DONE!! Well its more of an overtuned version of kazuya New moves: db3,4 df1,1 ff+1+4 2,4

Alright! Time to list em. Changes: -All heat engagers causes a wall break -Heat smash is +36 on block and shifts back to DVK state not Human kaz -FF+1+4 on hit and whiff stays on DVK state but removes devil on block for +33 and gurantees anything -db1,2 (no/used heat) and df3+4,1,2 does a up-splat -SSR/SSL 1+2 gurantees any move on 15f and below -df+1,1 gurantees and ff4 due to the KD given on the hit throw -1+2 now does the stomach hold knockdown and combos on the wall -CD+4,1,1 (DVK) causes a T! on juggle -CD+1+2 wall breaks and wall splats -2,2 has been replaced with 2,4; its +12 on hit bt gurantees nothing -After B+1+2, or FF2 (heatdash) gurantees a b+1+4/held -FF+1+4 flings you far per usual

Removed feature; -CD+3 (DVK form) will no longer transitions by holding F, and it transitions to throw on hit.

Nerfed option: -DF1,1 has been nerfed, can only gurantee an F2, F3, B2, FF2(Strict timing), Heat burst/Heat smash, FF4 also strict timing, db2, df1

BUFF! -Df+3 has little to NO pushback on grounded hit, allowing df3,2 to pick up -df+3,2 now has a better hitbox and hits lower. -DF3,2 does an air float anim (found in lars b4 and bryans ws34) -CD+1 does a flip over


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