DiscordT7 v.2.2.0

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Uploaded at December 1, 2023 Updated at December 5, 2023 3,582 views 708 downloads

DiscordT7 v.2.2.0

Requires Unreal Mod LoaderUnreal Mod Loader so make sure that's downloaded!


Thanks to Discord's Rich Presence API, this mod will tell others on Discord what you're doing in-game.

It will pull information about the character you are playing, what stage you are playing on and how long you spend in a match. It will directly tell users what your current battle state is, and what game mode your interacting with.



  • Added support for Customization
  • Added support for Ultimate Tekken Bowl
  • Added chapter information for Story Mode.


  • Added support for Player Match (Now shows room sizes)


  • Updated Fallback image.
  • Adjusted text for multiple things.
  • Added an image to Online Warm-Up.
  • Shows information when you're selecting a side.
  • Shows information about what character you're selecting (in one-player game modes)
  • Shows information about what stage you're selecting.
  • Shows your current selected character at the time is shown on the stage select (in one-player game modes)
  • Shows round information in battle game modes.
  • Shows whether or not you're watching a replay.
  • Fixed a bug showing the wrong character online.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped the timer in training mode.
  • Fixed a bug that made the timer reset after certain match conditions.


  • Initial Test Release


To install, drop the downloaded files into:

\steamapps\common\TEKKEN 7\TekkenGame\Content\CoreMods

The Github Repo for this project is herehere.


Special Thanks

Thanks to KulaginKulagin for ObjectProxy which is used to grab addresses and additional help.

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