[READ DESC] TEKKEN 8 - Secluded Training Ground BGM

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Uploaded at January 28, 2024 Updated at January 28, 2024 3,234 views 142 downloads

[READ DESC] TEKKEN 8 - Secluded Training Ground BGM

I made the full tekken 8 bgm pack, check it out

Tekken 8 Stages BGM Pack :

https://tekkenmods.com/mod/3129/tekken-8-stages-bgm-packhttps://tekkenmods.com/mod/3129/tekken-8-stages-bgm-pack the ost secluded training ground/reina's theme from tekken 8 to be used over mishima dojo (or whichever level you want)

How To Install :

  • download and extract the tekken 7 jukebox tool into a folder
  • in that folder, create a new folder called "BGM"
  • then extract the folder inside the "Tekken_8_SecludedTrainingGround_BGM(fix).zip" file into the BGM folder
  • from there, use the jukebox tool

so like, why did i upload this if i decided to make the full bgm pack not long after? i was just bored and didn't really thought i would make the full pack


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