Tekken 8 Trailer Announcer MOD (Lenne Hardt)

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Uploaded at January 29, 2024 Updated at April 2, 2024 38,740 views 9,505 downloads

Tekken 8 Trailer Announcer MOD (Lenne Hardt)


This is a tekken 8 mod that adds the brilliant Lenne Hardt's announcer voice to the game. This is the voice that was featured in the character trailers for the game.

  • It adds her voice from the trailers to all the characters in select screen.
  • It replaces "Get ready for the next battle" with her voice.
  • It replaces "Fight!", "KO" and many more, with her voice.
  • It replaces the select screen music with the music from the trailers. As well as adding announcer voice.


  1. Find your tekken 8 directory. Right click on tekken 8 in steam and click "Manage" then "Browse local files".
  2. Go to "Polaris\Content\Paks"
  3. Create a folder called "~mods", if not already there.
  4. Move the ".pak" files to the "~mods" folder. I recommend you use all of them. However if there is some part you don't want, you can always delete the associating ".pak" file. These are:
  • "Trailer Announcer Char Select_P.pak" - Adds the announcer voice to the character select screen.
  • "Trailer Announcer In-Game_P.pak" - Adds the announcer to in-game. For example "Fight!", "Get ready for the next battle", and "KO".
  • "Trailer Announcer Music_P.pak" - Adds the music used in the trailers to the character select screen. Also adds announcer when you open character select screen. This will only work with default music on character select screen.



In general just follow the install instructions. Please note when updating to V1.5 that all files have been renamed. This is necessary for the mod to function properly. Delete the old files before installing the new ones.


Simply find your way back to the "~mods" folder and delete the paks.


Created by Hana McHanaface!!! You can support me by finding my twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/helloimhana. Or my youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@hanamchanaface

Of course big shoutout to Lenne Hardt which is the amazing voice of the announcer!! I only transferred her greatness to the game!!!



  • Fixed Eddy Gordo announcer.


  • Fixed the music mod.


  • Added Eddy Gordo announcer.
  • New method giving much better audio quality for the character select announcer.
  • Disabled the music mod because it stopped working. When I find a fix I will update.


  • Attempted to fix a problem where the audio is too low for some lines.


  • Slightly improved audio quality in "Get ready for the next battle".
  • Added in-game announcer messages: "KO", "Double KO", "Perfect", "Time up", "Get Ready", "Great", "Excellent" (replaced with "Great"), "Round .." (replaced with "Get Ready"), "Final Round"(replaced with "Get Ready"), "You Win" (replaced with "Victory").
  • Changed to 3 different paks: In-Game Announcer, Char Select Announcer, Music.


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